DAY DREAMS became a nightmare, 

This collection got stolen from an exhibition space this year. 
I don't know where it went, and didn't hear or see anything from it since.
For months I've worked on this collection and put all my good energy in it.
I don't want it to be something sad, because the collection for me is pure joy. 
Because to only things left are the pictures i still wanted to be in the digital world. 
So, if you see or hear something somewhere, don't hesitate to contact me.

DAY DREAMS is an ongoing collection made from      second-hand bedsheets.
A lot of sleeping textiles have fun, bold and colourful prints, especially those for children, which makes them an excellent resource for cool wearables. 

By combining different bedsheets with a variety of prints and colours, playful and graphical compositions are created. 

pictures: Steven de Kok 
models: Maysa de Vries & Parish Sam-Tjoe